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Launch activewear collection

Naelie is proud to announce the launch of the new line of activewear that is now available all year long in the Naelie store in the heart of Le Marais  -17 rue de Saintonge, at the Bon Marché corner, and on the e-boutique naelie.com .

Dedicated to fashion, Naelie is also dedicated to the well-being of women. Every woman needs moments of relaxation, to relax and to feel good with herself.
With Naelie, join the community of happy women, these modern and fulfilled women, inspired by fashion and trends, who take care of them-selves and like to have fun.

The Naelie activewear capsule collection is inspired by the environment of yoga, well-being. It is for all women who take care of their body and mind. The collection features sports underwear, swimsuits and yoga wear, while adhering to Naelie codes and emphasizing comfort.

We use technical materials, designed for optimal flexibility. The collection remains faithful to the Naelie codes, with fabrics perfectly adapted to lingerie, swimsuits and sportswear. A graphic collection that revolves around ivory, beige and navy blue and black.

The activewear collection is available in the Marais shop - 17 rue Saintonge 75003 Paris, at the Bon Marché corner on the 1st floor and on the naelie.com e-shop.

Launch activewear collection