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Breast cancer is the cancer that kills the most women in France. Today one in eight women is affected during her life. However, if detected at an early stage, this cancer can be cured in 99% of cases.

Naelie joins this Pink October campaign to raise awareness about screening. As they say, prevention is healing. An annual screening reduces the risks and detects the disease in order to treat it as soon as possible. Naeliexpinkoctober reminds us that we are all vulnerable. We all have a loved one, a friend, a sister, a mother, ... who has been touched by this terrible disease. Let us mobilize to push the research forward. Naelie supports the Institut Curie, which accompanies women before, during and after the illness.

Indeed, the period of treatment is exhausting, painful and stressful but the rehabilitation
can be very complicated too. Women affected by this disease sometimes feel deprived of their femininity. Finding your body, accepting yourself again can be an additional ordeal. As a result of this disease, body image has to be rebuilt. Of course, the aesthetic aspect is very important: hair loss, eyebrows, scar and chest loss: the body has changed. But there is also a psychological aspect that should not be neglected. Touching the scar is often the first step to accept this change and to start seeing one's self as beautiful again. Meditation, sophrology, magnetism and other activities such as body painting can help to find again the inner self, to accept it change but also to understand that beauty and feminity are not going to disappear. It is often a long way: buy a new lingerie, adopt a new haircut and especially look in the mirror to see a beautiful and confident woman.

Talk about what has happened is also an important part of this period of acceptance. One must feel free to evoke all her fears, her doubts and her pains. Talking to family, friends, but also associations can be liberating. You must not isolate yourself. Writing, singing, talking or playing sports, each one in her own way, must be able to evacuate the pain and sometimes the rage provoked by the disease.

Naelie is above all a community of women, so the Naeliexpinkoctober campaign makes sense. The designer, the team and all the ambassadors are mobilizing to talk about the disease and to raise awareness about screening. As our ambassadors say so well, October is Pink so mobilize yourself and, above all, enjoy life.