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Tila March X Naelie

Two inspired designers for two acclaimed brands… and together a host of ideas for the summer!

For the first time, tamara taichman, designer of tila march, and diane hanouna, designer of naelie, join their savoir-faire to create a resort line with deliciously colored and retro accents.

Old friends, both designers are passionate about each other views: Tamara, in love with swimwear, felt immediately in love with the feminine and elegant collection of Naelie, while Diane wears and collects Tila March it-bags since the beginning of the chic parisian brand.

The collection Tila March X Naelie is avalaible with miniature polka-dots on the swimwears and oversize ones on bags and handbags, offering irresistible and strong colours: orange vitamin, yellow sun, electric blue, purple lacquered or tropical green.

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Tila March X Naelie