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To celebrate the launch of the new activewear line, Naelie decided to collaborate with women who share the brand's values and take full advantage of life. Our activewear, swimsuits, and lingerie will from now on accompany our ambassadors at their daily activities and while travelling. 

Love for life is the common point of Naelie ambassadors. They laugh a lot; they enjoy practising sports, they take care of their body and mind and continuously explore different parts of the world.

Naelie ambassadors are active women, fulfilled and free. Women who share with us their joy of living. Inspiring on many levels; we are looking forward to sharing with you their stories.

You can follow the adventures of our ambassadors around the world on our social networks. We will share with you the highlights of their travels; the incredible activities they will have the opportunity to practice and the idyllic places they will visit. Naelie swimsuits will be standing out on the beaches of Australia, Asia, or South of France. Our activewear will accompany our ambassadresses on their yoga or sports session in Miami, Los Angeles. 

Today, we are very proud to introduce you our first ambassador, the inspiring Jess King. This beautiful American defines her life vision as: "A healthy mind in a healthy body."  She perfectly embodies Naelie's values. Jess is an addict of mediation and HIIT, a technique of interval training. She is a strong, gentle woman who takes care of herself and loves life. She loves to share her travelling experiences on her social networks. Just recently she visited Singapore and Malaysia before spending a week on a wellness retreat in Portugal, where she was practicing a @ tnl58 method created by Jess, herself. When travelling, Jess King never forgets to pack sportswear, and we are very proud that she has chosen Naelie activewear to accompany her on her HIIT and meditation sessions. 

The joy of accompanying our ambassadresses in their moments of pure happiness and self-care is immense. 

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