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    Diane will host a workshop on Friday, July 5th from 9am to 11am on stress management and on art of well-being at @chezsimonefr

    Her workshop is based on three pillars : 

    Mindfulness meditation 

    Yoga with body awareness exercices

    Practical exercices using Gestalt Therapy to develop self-knowledge 

    Registration online http://chezsimone.fr/reserve/#/events

    At Simone's 

    226 rue Saint-Denis, 75002 Paris

    Portal code : 1944 - 2nd courtyard

    Code glazed door : 1955 - 1st floor


    We are happy to introduce our new ambassador Anne Francin. A woman who inspires us by her art of living. Anne is a sweet and feminine woman who shares Naelie's values. Her approach to life echoes Diane's vision. By sharing their ways of thinking and their values, they quickly connected and wanted to work together and develop beautiful projects.
    Diane and Anne intend to help women feeling good in their bodies and minds, to encourage women to take care of themselves and to have fun.
    After practicing classical dance for many years, and having worked in event communication, Anne discovers yoga. Very quickly, she feels the urge to teach. She decided to take the step by training at Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga in 2015.
    A year later, her meeting with Shiva Rea will mark a turning point in her life. It's love at first sight. The latter introduces her to the Prana Vinyasa, fluid and powerful yoga, intelligent and authentic, that allows everyone to connect with the elements and harmonize their relationship with the Universe. This practice is the alliance of the tradition of vinyasa yoga and a creative exploration of movement and breath.
    Always motivated by a thirst for learning and discovering, Anne then trained in pre & post natal yoga with Bernadette de Gasquet. This allows her to go deeper in the understanding of feminity and share her experiences and values. The continuous enrichment she draws from her teaching and yoga practice allows her to transmit the energy and serenity that yoga brings her.
    Anne is obviously a Naelie woman. A woman with a free spirit, proud of her femininity.
    We are delighted to share this beautiful adventure with Anne and proud that she accompanies us in Naelie projects.

    You can follow her on our social networks and on the Naelie blog.


    Today, we will introduce our ambassador Valérie-Anne. She is a mother of two, a sports enthusiast and always updated with the latest trends. Her life was marked by a revonversion, which we value very much Naelie, who led her from finance to fashion.
    Her Instagram profile is an anthem to style, new trends, life and the importance of taking care of for ourselves.

    Here is her story:

    "After 12 hectic years in the world of Finance, where I practiced Institutional Sales, I decided to devote more time to my children. So I stopped working to practice the job of a full-time mom! However, it is essential in my opinion to take care of oneself too. This is the spirit that
    I want to give to the Instagram account that I launched a year and a half ago: we are mom, but also woman.
    On the sidelines of fashion, sport occupies an important place in my daily life: sports activities provide an essential balance in the lives we lead! I am proud of this role of Ambassador Naelie. Beyond the beautiful collections, Naelie's philosophy of inner and outer well-being fits me perfectly. "

    Do not forget to follow this beautiful story on our social networks.


    I am honored to have been chosen for the Journées Particulières LVMH and to partecipate to the master classes which will take place on October 12,13 and 14 at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche. I will have the pleasure to talk about my professional journey, from finance to luxury until my adventure with Naelie, which has been influenced by a personal development that characterises my everyday life as a woman, mother and entrepreneur.
    I would like to thank especially Anne-Catherine Grimal for the realisation of this beautiful project which supports women empowerment, and to the entire team of Le Bon Marché for partnering with us since the beginning of Naelie.

  • Ambassadors

    To celebrate the launch of the new activewear line, Naelie decided to collaborate with women who share the brand's values and take full advantage of life. Our activewear, swimsuits, and lingerie will from now on accompany our ambassadors at their daily activities and while travelling. 

    Love for life is the common point of Naelie ambassadors. They laugh a lot; they enjoy practising sports, they take care of their body and mind and continuously explore different parts of the world.

    Naelie ambassadors are active women, fulfilled and free. Women who share with us their joy of living. Inspiring on many levels; we are looking forward to sharing with you their stories.

    You can follow the adventures of our ambassadors around the world on our social networks. We will share with you the highlights of their travels; the incredible activities they will have the opportunity to practice and the idyllic places they will visit. Naelie swimsuits will be standing out on the beaches of Australia, Asia, or South of France. Our activewear will accompany our ambassadresses on their yoga or sports session in Miami, Los Angeles. 

    Today, we are very proud to introduce you our first ambassador, the inspiring Jess King. This beautiful American defines her life vision as: "A healthy mind in a healthy body."  She perfectly embodies Naelie's values. Jess is an addict of mediation and HIIT, a technique of interval training. She is a strong, gentle woman who takes care of herself and loves life. She loves to share her travelling experiences on her social networks. Just recently she visited Singapore and Malaysia before spending a week on a wellness retreat in Portugal, where she was practicing a @ tnl58 method created by Jess, herself. When travelling, Jess King never forgets to pack sportswear, and we are very proud that she has chosen Naelie activewear to accompany her on her HIIT and meditation sessions. 

    The joy of accompanying our ambassadresses in their moments of pure happiness and self-care is immense. 

    Don't miss these beautiful stories on our social network.


    My refuge place. This place where you feel good, in confidence.

    This place where you can take refuge in case of intense emotions.

    This place where we go to relax and calm down.

    What characterizes this place is wellness.



    Gratitude for this new winter campaign. What a beautiful team wor, the photos are so beautiful. Thank you for your energy and generosity, Pierre Gab, Déborah, Stéphanie Clerc et Margaux. 

    Many thanks to all the Balagan team and a very special thank to my husband Eytan.


    To find very soon on online at naelie.com and at the Naelie store - 17 rue de Saintonge 75003 Paris

    The Naelie store is open monday to saturday from 11am to 7pm


    The best way to start the week!


    Victoria's Secret show on TV tonight!

    Remember the collaboration Naelie for Victoria's Secret.


    All together for the elimination of violence againts women!


    It's time for a yoga session!


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